Masato Hatanaka

  • Composition Sound Design

Born in Hokkaido in 1975, Masato Hatanaka studied composition, piano and acoustic by himself and started his professional career in 1995. He has produced various stage music, events, corporation promotion and advertisement fields.
In 1978, the Japan Year in Germany, Mr. Hatanaka was invited to Germany for performances and moved to Germany in 2002. Many stages which he was involved in received prestigious prizes. He composed pieces for Jiri Bubenicek and Heather Jurgensen , principal dancers of Hamburg Ballett. Particularly "Prisoners of feelings" choreographed by Bubenicek was world-premiered in Copenhagen in 2003 and received international attention and praises.

In 2004, Mr. Hatanaka returned to Japan and made sound design/production for exhibition space and architectural space at Milano Salone 2007 "YAMAHA DESIGN", Issei Miyake 21 Century Man in 2008, Milano Salone 2008 "Tokyo Wonder", Design Tide Tokyo 2008/2009, Lexus International Garally Aoyama, Kanebou SENSAI salon in Europe, Istanbul and Beyond Exhibition at Royal Institute of British Architects, and Milano Salone 2011 "Canon Neoreal Wonder".

Further, he composed music for the Spring/Summer Collection 2012 by Issei Miyake in Paris, the website for Kinkaku-ji temple in Kyoto etc.

His artistic intention is to create "Haute couture of Sound", and his inspiring music creation receives highly critical praise from various fields of art such as stage theater, museum, architecture as well as advertisement business.