Toshiaki Matsumoto

  • Piano Composition Sound produce

Composer/Pianist/Sound Producer… multi-talented Toshiaki Matsumoto has gained world-wide recognition for his strong, polished melodies and has provided his services to artists of various genres around the globe. While his basics lie in classical music, Matsumoto’s pop music meshes together essences of Japanese and Western music to create a heart-warming yet melancholic sound that soothes the heart of the listeners.

  His career as a composer reached stardom through his collaboration with singer MISIA, such as the hit songs “Wasurenai Hibi” “Everything” “Hatenaku Tsuzuku Story”. “Everything” went on to sell two million copies and earned Matsumoto the 2002 JASRAC Gold Award. In 2010 his collaboration with JUJU in “Kono yoru wo tometeyo” achived the #1 spot in the truetone download charts. Matsumoto continues to work in many different areas: he has recently worked with the mega-popular AKB48 and has also provided works to various K-POP artists.

Besides composing Matsumoto has been active as a solo-artist and as a writer, releasing albums in 2001 (“eau”), 2004 (“Pianoia I”), 2006 (“Pianoia II”) and 2009 (“Pianoia”), and publishing his first book in 2008 (“hope”).


"Gosenshi to Hakuchizu" Music paper and a blank map