Verus String Quartet

  • String Quartet


Naoto Sakiya, violin
Hisao Mihara, violin
Koichi Yokomizo, viola
Rentaro Tomioka, cello

Founded in 2006 by students of Toho Gakuen School of Music. The quartet won the 3rd prize at the International Music Competition in Munich in 2008. It was the prize that a Japanese quartet has ever received since Tokyo String Quartet won the first price 38 years ago. Since then, the quartet is a popular guest quartet among festivals and concerts in Japan. In 2008, the Verus String Quartet was invited by Tokyo String Quaret to Norfolk Chamber Music Session of summer academy at Yale University. In the same year, the quaret was granted scholorship from Matsuo Foundation and gave a successufl concert in Tokyo with support by Japan Music Foundation and gave impact on the Japanese musical scene. The quartet studied with Koichiro Harada, Hakuro Mouri, Nobuko Yamazaki, Mathias Tacke, Tokyo String Quartet etc. In 2010, the quartet will continue to study in Basel, Switzerland under Rainer Schmidt, the second violinist of Hagen Quartet.