Frequently Q&A

Q.How can I take part in ACF?

A.We take applications from June to the end of August every year. Please download the application from “ACF” in this website. If you wish, please contact us to or call us at 81-3-6418-8617(ACF, Music Division at TV Man Union, Inc.)

Q. I play in two different groups. May I enroll ACF as two different groups?

A.Yes, you may.

Q.Does ACF accept only certain instruments or any kinds of instruments?

A.Any ensemble with any instrument can make an application as long as the ensemble consists of more than one player.

Q.Any restriction in age group?

A.We set no age limit. In the past, various age groups from elementary school kids to 90 year old players have participated in ACF.

Q.Can an ensemble which includes a singer and/or a narrator take part in ACF?

A.It is no problem to include a singer/a narrator as long as they are a part of the ensemble.

Q.Is it possible to change a member(s) of the ensemble after the participation is accepted?

A.Basically we are not able to accept any changes.

Q.Can we change the program after the participation is accepted?

A.We are sorry that we cannot accept any program change. Please discuss carefully the program for ACF so as not to make any changes.

Q.Can I send you information on our ensemble by E-mail?

A.We basically accept applications only by post. If you live abroad or have any special reason, please contact us at or call us at 81-3-6418-8617(ACF, Music Division at TV Man Union, Inc.)

I have different questions other than in the list of “Frequent Questions”.

Please feel free to contact or 81-3-6418-8617.